Highly Recommended Product: Electric Feet Dead Skin Remover

Calluses on the soles of the feet can be caused by long walks or stands, or our neglect of hygiene. In addition, some calluses on the base of the feet look ugly. Today, we will recommend to you a convenient and efficient electric feet dead skin remover. Let’s go around! Electric foot dead skin remover features a 360°rotating grinding head. Coarse

Semi-permanent varnish for the feet, a danger?

While many women appreciate semi-permanent nail polish, some of them are wary of this type of product. Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you whether semi-permanent varnishes are actually dangerous for your feet. The use of the UV lamp makes more than one skeptical Indeed, if the toenails are too frequently exposed to the UV lamp, it can cause sunburn. Professionals even mention

The best foot care

To display pretty feet this summer, it is impossible to miss the care step! For this, we  make some useful suggestions. Just follow us! We cut our nails Not too short and following the curve of the toe. For a neat cut, you need secateurs pliers. Then, we always file in the same direction. We prefer very large files, which are easier