How to apply your semi-permanent varnish?

As we all know, semi-permanent varnish guarantees you perfect nails for 3 weeks! But, not everyone can apply semi-permanent varnish well. In this article, Maryton Nail Supply will tell you how to apply your semi- permanent varnish. Just keep reading! To apply semi-permanent varnish on natural nails you will need: - A UV/LED lamp - Soft file 180/240 grit - A nail buffer - Base coat - The varnish color of

What are the advantages of American Gel X installation?

The American Gel X application consists of applying preformed gel capsules to your natural nails. You can fix the capsules using a resin which makes them ultra-resistant. So what are the advantages of the American Gel X application? Keep reading, Maryton Nail Supply will give you answers in this article. Here are the advantages of American Gel X installation: Strengthening and protection: The resin strengthens your

How to fight yellow toenails?

While there are many causes of yellow toenails, luckily, we can treat it based on the underlying cause. In this article, Maryton takes you on a journey to discover treatments for yellow toenails. Just keep reading! Home treatment For cases of yellowed nails that are not caused by an underlying condition, there are some simple at-home treatments to improve the overall appearance of your nails: Bathe