How to fight yellow toenails?

While there are many causes of yellow toenails, luckily, we can treat it based on the underlying cause. In this article, Maryton takes you on a journey to discover treatments for yellow toenails. Just keep reading! Home treatment For cases of yellowed nails that are not caused by an underlying condition, there are some simple at-home treatments to improve the overall appearance of your nails: Bathe

Why choose self-adhesive false nails?

If you have bitten or damaged nails and want to enhance your nails, self-adhesive false nails are a practical solution! In this article, Maryton nail supply will tell you why choose self-adhesive false nails. Just keep reading! Self-adhesive false bails offer a wide choice of patterns and colors: solid, gradient, with nail art, or even French manicure. In addition to this wide choice of colors,

Japanese manicure: 4 steps

Japanese manicure is not a revolutionary nail art technique, but rather a rest therapy for your nails! You can easily achieve it in 4 steps. In this article, Maryton nail supply will give you ideas. The Japanese manicure takes place in 4 stages: First of all, as with any manicure, the cuticles are hydrated, pushed back and the nails filed. Next, the hands are massaged