Tips to Stop Nails Splitting

Splitting of nails is a phenomenon that occurs very frequently on the hands and feet. Often associated with soft, weakened or brittle nails, the phenomenon sometimes causes problems with the durability of your varnishes. To properly treat broken nails, Maryton will give you several tips to stop nails splitting. Read on! There are of course tips and products to help you reduce

Detox treatment for nails: Take care of your nails!

Make no mistake, taking care of your nails is not just a nice thing, it’s a necessity. If you notice that your nails have become soft, breaking or splitting, it's time to give your fingers a well-deserved detox. Today, Maryton Nail Supply will tell you how to give your nails a detox treatment. A strategic plan is essential for a successful nail detox.

How to fight yellow toenails?

While there are many causes of yellow toenails, luckily, we can treat it based on the underlying cause. In this article, Maryton takes you on a journey to discover treatments for yellow toenails. Just keep reading! Home treatment For cases of yellowed nails that are not caused by an underlying condition, there are some simple at-home treatments to improve the overall appearance of your nails: Bathe