How to do a semi-permanent manicure at home?

Have you ever imagined maintaining a perfect manicure all the time? Then a semi-permanent varnish would be the best ally! However, how to perform a pose like a professional? Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to do a semi-permanent manicure at home. Nail preparation First of all, wash your hands and then file the nails to give them the shape

3 good resolutions for your nails

To be original, here are some good resolutions to have beautiful, healthy nails, all year round. Keep up with your nail supply expert Maryton. 1. You won't bite your nails anymore Get a gel or resin manicure that will last 2-3 weeks. Seeing your nails, long, beautiful and colorful, I'm sure you won't want to bite them anymore. 2. Take care of your nails

Valentine’s Day: French manicure revisited with roses and hearts

On Valentine's Day, we make ourselves beautiful to the tips of our nails! For once, here's a tutorial that's a bit more complicated than usual but if you have a good brush stroke, this should be fine for you. Material: Red or pink glitter varnishAcrylic paint for nailsFine liner brushMedium nail art brush Steps to make this Valentine's Day roses and heart nail-art: Do