Colored French manicure: Why adopt it?

As we all know, the French manicure is and will always remain a classic. If you fancy a classic yet elegant manicure, then the French will never disappoint. In this article, the nail supply expert Maryton will introduce you to a new nail trend——colored French manicure. The traditional version is made using a nude varnish for the base and a white varnish

Achieving a successful nail art

If you are a beginner, it may be that making nail art seems complicated to you. However, by following the advice in the article, you will be able to obtain perfect results without damaging your natural nails. Choose quality products First of all, the most important thing is to choose professional manicure sets. Indeed, by opting for quality gels, your nail art

How to do a semi-permanent manicure at home?

Have you ever imagined maintaining a perfect manicure all the time? Then a semi-permanent varnish would be the best ally! However, how to perform a pose like a professional? Today, your nail supply expert Maryton will tell you how to do a semi-permanent manicure at home. Nail preparation First of all, wash your hands and then file the nails to give them the shape