Semi-permanent varnish for the feet, a danger?

While many women appreciate semi-permanent nail polish, some of them are wary of this type of product.¬†Today, your nail supply expert Maryton¬†will tell you whether semi-permanent varnishes are actually dangerous for your feet. The use of the UV lamp makes more than one skeptical Indeed, if the toenails are too frequently exposed to the UV lamp, it can cause sunburn. Professionals even mention

The steps for applying semi-permanent varnish

Before applying varnish, we start by making sure that the nails are ready to receive their manicure. This involves cleaning the nails then smoothing them and removing the cuticles and matting the natural nail using a nail file. Once the nails are ready, a first coat of varnish is applied. This is the base for nails, allowing them to be protected

How to apply your Semi-permanent varnish at home?

It is well known that proper preparation of nails is important to achieve high quality manicures. This blog will tell you how to apply your Semi-permanent varnish at home. Keep reading! Prepare your nails: If the nails show poor adhesion, apply a primer to the nail, without touching the cuticles or the edge of the nail, then catalyze 30 seconds under a UV/LED lamp to