Best TWS Headphones 2020: Whick Ones to Choose?

Best TWS Headphones 2020: Whick Ones to Choose?

In the contemporary technological world of cloud , 5G network and new wireless technologies , there is no more space for earphone cables. The Bluetooth 5.0 has greatly improved the sound quality of wireless devices and the latest best Smartphone are now devoid of audio input jack. In a scenario of great changes like this, true wireless models are asserting themselves. So let’s make a comparison between the top rated wireless headphones of 2020 and see what they can offer us between audio quality, battery life, noise cancellation and much more.

For the preparation of this comparison, the following parameters were taken into consideration for each model:

  • Design and comfort
  • Controls
  • Sound quality
  • Call quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • Battery
  • Application
  • Price

Xiaomi True Wireless Air

Our comparison of the best true wireless headphones 2019 the Xiaomi True Wireless Air opens .

The headphones have a classic toothbrush shape that allows them to adhere to the face thus bringing the microphone closer to the mouth to ensure better call quality. We are in the presence of in-ear headphones with interchangeable silicone earphones that guarantee great stability inside the ear. This results in a loud and clean audio volume with deep bass but without overwhelming the other sounds.

Audio quality is also repeated during calls with excellent voice sound and muffled background noise. The active cancellation of the sound that can be activated manually is not hand in hand, as it is practically zero, failing to reduce external sounds in the least.

Noteworthy is also the charging case of the headphones characterized by a good quality and a practical magnetic opening. The battery, which is recharged through a Type-C cable, guarantees an autonomy of about 9-10 hours.

Pamu Slides

Released 60-hour Playback TWS Bluetooth Earphone PaMu Slide

The Pamu Slide are a model of particular True Wireless headphones born from a successful Kickstarter campaign .

They are characterized by a very large 2000 Mha package which guarantees an autonomy of 60 hours. The headphones presented an elegant and soft design with a fully rubberized surface both on the outside and as regards the in-ear pads . With the Pamu Slide we return to the models with the classic elongated although shorter shape. Thanks to the particular design, they are very stable inside the ear without giving the sensation of slipping or falling.

The audio quality is very balanced although it has a slightly lower volume than the other models. The sound of the voice is clear and clean without any annoying echo or reverberation effects. The headphones also guarantee excellent sound cancellation in a “natural” way without being particularly muffled.

The Pamu Slides can be purchased exclusively on the company’s official store and are available for around $89. In fact, the price was halved after the launch of the Pamu Slide Mini.

Razer Hammerhead

The Razer Hammerhead are characterized by a design very similar to Apple’s AirPods thus giving up the in-ear model . The input latency at 60 ms ensures smooth and jerky audio as well as very good quality.

Compared to all the other models of the best true wireless headphones 2019, the Razer Hammerhead have the loudest audio volume of all with very powerful bass that cover, however, the other sounds. Despite this, the volume of the voice is excessively low for the interlocutor, however, benefited by an excellent cancellation of external noise. Although the headphones are supported by the official Razer application, this does not offer any type of customization of the audio or the controls, simply showing a trivial tutorial.

The charging case, rechargeable via Type-C , is very similar to that of the models analyzed so far and allows to offer up to 16 hours of listening autonomy.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 6100

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 6100 have a design and shape similar to that of the Galaxy Buds characterized, however, by a rubber of in-ear bearings of lower quality that retains a lot of dust.

We are also in the presence of the only model, among those analyzed, which has a lot of physique with which to control the reproduction of the soil and so on. Through the dedicated BlackBeat application , you can customize the controls, adjust the volume, sound quality and a number of other options. Unfortunately, the App has no localization in Italian which could make the management of some functions cumbersome for some users.

From the point of view of the quality of the volume, this model leaves something to be desired. In addition to taking longer to connect with your smartphone, the BackBeat Pro 6100 does not guarantee good audio quality. Although the listening volume is very high, there is a strong echo that enormously lowers the quality. The whole thing is not helped by a rather bland sound cancellation.

Best true wireless headphones 2019: which one to choose?

At this point the question, once again, is: which one do I buy?

The answer obviously varies from the interest in design, from the activity you want to carry out with a true wireless headset and from your own financial resources. Except for some models that we do not want to recommend , such as the Razer Hammerhead or the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 6100, the other headphones have peculiar characteristics.

The Xiaomi are undoubtedly a high quality model characterized by a care for design, high audio quality and a fair cancellation, all, however, at a relatively high cost. An excellent quality-price ratio is offered by the Moldac which, although the cancellation of the sound is practically non-existent, offer good stability and audio quality. The ideal model for those who don’t have too many design or autonomy claims.

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