Maintenance of nail drill bits

Whether you are a nail shop owner or a nail enthusiast who uses it at home, the nail drill plays an important role in saving your life. The following articles will teach you how to maintain nail drill bits. Keep reading!

  • Make sure you hygienically clean your locks

It probably sounds like a pain to clean your drill bits regularly, but trust me, clean tool hygiene is a great habit to practice when learning to use a nail drill. Be sure to sanitize your nail file pieces before and after use, every time you use it. This is especially true if you are going to be using the electric file on more than one pair of hands!

  • Use a toothbrush to remove accumulated debris and dirt

Scrub dirt off your drill with a small brush – a toothbrush is a great choice in this sort of situation! Next, you’ll want to rinse the parts with soap and water. If the debris contains nail polish, you can even soak the drill bits in acetone for a few minutes.

If you are a DIY nail art lover, we recommend that you wipe it carefully with a soft cloth after each use, then use a small brush to clean it. if you are a nail salon shop, you can set a time each day, before going to work, or clean and maintain all machines uniformly before going to work.

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