The use of different bits of a nail drill

To have well-defined and shiny nails, it is essential to have certain essential tools. Among the most essential is the nail drill which allows you to work on false nails. To do this, discover the essentials to know about the nail drill tip. Keep reading!

There are several types of tips on a nail sander which allows it to fully perform its role. Among others, a distinction must be made between the precision cone, the cone, the felt cone, the cylinder, the sleeve and the disc.

1) The precision cone

In fact, the shape of this tip allows it to easily slip between the skin and the nail and subsequently eliminate the fragments that are likely to cause significant pain.

2) The cone

It is used according to the grain it is equipped with. In particular, the cone with a large grain is useful for quickly removing dead skin, dry skin, large calluses on the heel and the arch of the foot.

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3) The felt cone

It is used to remove residues present on the nails and then to polish their tips and surfaces. The material present on this cone has no disadvantages for even the most fragile nails.

4) The cylinder

The cylinder is very effective for sanding and smoothing toenails and fingernails. However, it remains more appropriate for thick nails, to which it gives an even and smoother surface.

5) The sleeve

The sleeve is used to roughen and refine the modeling of false nails in acrylic resin or UV gel. However, you need to use it carefully because it can easily damage the nail.

6) The disc

It smoothes and files the ends of the nails to give them the desired length and shape. Likewise, it serves to eliminate irregularities that can hurt you.

OK! I believe you have know the use of different bits of a nail drill. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit to care for your nails!

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