Ingrown toenail: how to relieve pain?

Although ingrown toenails are common, there are simple steps you can take to help your toe heal. Today, the wholesale nail supply distributors will tell you how to relieve the pain of ingrown toenails. Just keep reading!

Firstly, to reduce pressure and therefore pain, remain barefoot as much as possible and limit walking.

If you must wear shoes, choose those that are open to limit friction. And if this is not possible, opt for comfortable models (no more stiletto heels in which the toes will not be compressed), and cotton socks which limit perspiration.

Professional Disposable Pedicure Kit
Professional Disposable Pedicure Kit

You can also take foot baths two to three times a day. To avoid infection, you can use a disposable foot spa kit. It is not only safe but also very convenient to use.

Soak your foot in a basin of hot water with an antiseptic for 10 to 20 minutes. These baths will soften the tissues and reduce tension between the nail and the flesh around it.

To have less pain, a good tip is to insert a small piece of cotton between the corner of the ingrown nail and the flesh: this will prevent the nail from penetrating the epidermis.

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