Valentine’s Day: French manicure revisited with roses and hearts

On Valentine's Day, we make ourselves beautiful to the tips of our nails! For once, here's a tutorial that's a bit more complicated than usual but if you have a good brush stroke, this should be fine for you. Material: Red or pink glitter varnishAcrylic paint for nailsFine liner brushMedium nail art brush Steps to make this Valentine's Day roses and heart nail-art: Do

Baby boomer: the 2022 french manicure for the nails

New darling of nail art enthusiasts, the baby boomer promises you a manicure that is both elegant and soberly original. Curious to know more? Your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas! How to wear a baby boomer manicure? To highlight this gradient, it will of course be preferable to make a baby boomer on rather long nails, even very long, natural or