What are the differences between gel nails and semi-permanent varnish?

Gel nails and semi-permanent are two popular manicure techniques. Although they are similar on certain points, they have their own characteristics. Today, the nail supply expert Maryton will tell you the differences between gel nails and semi-permanent varnish. Just keep reading! Here are the differences between gel nails and semi-permanent varnish: Gel nails: kinds of false nails, they consist of the application of

The Russian manicure, a solution for flawless nails

Say goodbye to cuticles, dead skin and streaks: the Russian manicure is an implacable technique to display nickel nails. Above all, the biggest advantage of the Russian manicure remains in its natural, clean and neat appearance. This technique has the benefit of effectively pushing back the cuticles. It is used with a specific sander, as well as tips of different sizes, in

Mistakes to Avoid in Home manicure

Today, knowing that you can buy everything you need for a semi-permanent manicure made yourself at home. However, vigilance is still required: the semi-permanent varnish must be handled with some precautions. It seems relatively simple to put this product on – however, when it comes to removing it, the mission is much more complicated. So, if you choose a professional