The Russian manicure, a solution for flawless nails

Say goodbye to cuticles, dead skin and streaks: the Russian manicure is an implacable technique to display nickel nails. Above all, the biggest advantage of the Russian manicure remains in its natural, clean and neat appearance.

This technique has the benefit of effectively pushing back the cuticles. It is used with a specific sander, as well as tips of different sizes, in order to “sculpt” your nails with the greatest possible precision.

In addition, the Russian manicure can be particularly suitable for weakened, short or bitten nails. Indeed, this beauty treatment gives you visibly longer nails, because they are better designed.

By choosing the Russian manicure method, you will therefore obtain an irreproachable result: neat and neat nail contours, and permanently eliminated cuticles.

Now that you’ve know the benefits of the Russian manicure, you can use gentle manicure kits to begin your manicure! If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store.

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