How are gel applied to you nail?

The gel nails not only make your manicure perfect, but also to make it last longer! Do you know how to apply it? Keep reading! You will have to start by cleaning your nails and gently grow the cuticles using a file to make room for your gel nails. Apply a base on your nails to protect them, then after dropping

How to perform nail art stamping?

If you are interested in the nail art stamping technique, here are some tips that will help you achieve a top-notch manicure. Start first by choosing the pattern you want to do on your nails. You can of course decide to opt for different patterns on each finger, the same pattern, several patterns per nail… The advantage of this technique is

Color trends for fall and winter 2022

If summer was a time with many pastel tones, now in autumn and winter we will have the possibility of finding warmer colors, trying to contrast with the tones that nature offers us. Our Maryton nail supply want to reveal to you what the nail design and color trends will be. Blue tones Blue has always been a classic, above all for the