How to properly apply your nail polish?

It seems obvious, applying varnish at home is not always in line with our expectations, whether in terms of finish or hold! In this article, the nail expert Maryton will tell you how to properly apply your nail polish.

Applying your varnish well obviously means choosing good products with fluid textures and suitable ergonomic brushes, but it is also a few simple steps to know for perfect application and optimized hold.

Nail preparation is a very important step for the lifespan of your color. After having pushed back your cuticles for clean contours and frosted the surface of your nails with a preparation file, you are ready to receive your varnish.

Applying your varnish according to the rules of the art is not technically very complicated but requires following a few simple rules:

1. Take a little material by wringing out your brush on one side and keeping just a drop of varnish at the other end.

2. Apply your varnish in thin, even layers, with 3 brush strokes. Start in the middle then stretch the polish out to the sides.

3. Border the nail by delicately passing the brush over its edge without adding varnish. This important step helps prevent early peeling and promotes adhesion of the color.

Respect the 4 layers rule!

• 1 layer of Base Coat which protects the nail and facilitates the adhesion of the color layers.

• 2 layers of color, for an impeccable shade in all its subtleties.

• 1 layer of Top Coat to protect the manicure, speed up drying time, promote hold and give the desired finish.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure sets to care for your hands.

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