How to moisturize dry feet?

Most of us are used to taking care of our hands and their nails: hydration, cuticles, varnish, but our feet are often forgotten and become very dry. However, the pedicure is as important as the manicure. So, the nail expert Maryton will tell you how to moisturize dry feet.

To treat dry feet, a rich cream can do the trick. What’s more, intensify the action of your moisturizer by putting on a pair of socks after applying your cream and leaving it to act for around ten minutes. For optimal results, leave on overnight.

In addition, you can also find moisturizing and nourishing masks in the form of socks. These masks should be left on before being able to massage, to help with the complete absorption of the product.

Hydrating your feet is the ideal time to release all their tension, so take the opportunity to offer them a relaxing massage. To do this, proceed in circular movements from the toes to the ankle. Do not hesitate to focus on areas prone to cracking such as heels or around the nails.

To perform this massage you can also use a massage oil. Heat a little oil between the palms of your hands then massage your arch, your toes, without forgetting the top of your foot.

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some professional manicure and pedicure sets to care for your feet.

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