How to make a baby boomer on short nails?

There’s nothing like a little nail art to spruce up your fingers and enhance any outfit, even the most basic. And the baby boomer with short nails is no exception to the rule! In this article, Maryton nail supply will tell you how to make a baby boomer on short nails. Read on!

Tips for creating a gel baby boomer on short nails

Properly apply varnish on short nails: the essential equipment

Regarding nail art equipment, you absolutely need a suitable foam tip to create the gradient manicure. What’s more, the safest way to obtain a successful baby boomer on short nails is to use semi-permanent varnish, which thanks to the passage under a lamp will provide more coverage than a classic alternative.

Create a layered manicure according to the rules of the art

As with any varnish application, semi-permanent or not, you must first clean your nails carefully and degrease them. You must then moisturize and push back the cuticles, then file the edge of the nail.

  • Apply a base coat, then cure.
  • Apply two coats of nude pink, and catalyze between each application.
  • Generously apply white varnish on the foam tip.
  • Discharge the varnish onto the edge of the nail, dabbing firmly, before moving up to halfway up the nail.
  • Clean any burrs before catalyzing.
  • Repeat the previous step, going less up the nail.
  • Clean the contours again before catalyzing.
  • Apply a layer of top coat and catalyze your magnificent baby boomer on short nails!

You now know everything there is to know about the baby boomer on the shape of short nails. And don’t forget that the secret to beautiful varnish on short nails, whatever the technique, is to take care of your hands with professional manicure sets and moisturize them regularly!

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