PaMu Slide: Super Affordable TWS Earphones with Great Sound and Battery

Padmate PaMu Slide Reviews

TWS earphones or real wireless earphones will definitely become more mainstream. The problem with them is that it’s hard to get great sound, long battery life, and affordable prices. In my experience, most brands score two out of three, but do not seem to get all three. In our PaMu Slide test, you’ll see a pair of true wireless earphones that deliver great sound and long battery life at an affordable price.


The PaMu Slide TWS earphones offer the following features and specifications:

  • The most stable Bluetooth5.0
  • Superb sound and powerful bass
  • Car pairing
  • All-day comfort Listen with 10 hours of music playback
  • touch control
  • IPX6 weldproof
  • 60-hour playback / call time
  • Fast charge type C
  • Loading / carrying bag
  • Wireless charger
  • Qualcomm AptX Classic
  • energy efficient
  • TWS Chip: Qualcomm QCC3020
  • Resistance: 16Ω
  • Device diameter: 6mm
  • Noise Reduction Technology: Dual MIC Noise Reduction
  • Decoding format: AptX, SBC, AAC
  • Bluetooth: v5.0
  • Playing time: 10h
  • Time for calls: 10h
  • Water resistance: IPX6
  • Transmission range:> 10 m
  • Charging interface: USB Type C
  • Battery capacity: 85mAh (headphone), 2000mAh (charging case)
  • Full charging time: 1.5 h (headphones), 3 h (charging case)
  • Size: 37.5 x 26 x 19.5 mm (headphones), 72 x 72 x 38.5 mm (cargo bag)
  • Weight: 7.1 g (single headphone)
  • Color: black, white or green

What’s in the box

  • PaMu Slide TWS earphones
  • Loading / carrying bag
  • 6 different sizes of earplugs: S, S +, M, M +, L and L +
  • USB Type-C to USB-A Charging Cable
  • User Guide

What is included in the PaMu Slide TWS earphones?

Padmate PaMu Slide Reviews


The PaMu Slide TWS earphones follow the Apple Airpods design with an onion shape near the top that goes into your ear and a stick hanging from it. The upper round part leans forward and outward towards the actual earplugs. The silicone earplugs are easy to attach and remove, as is the case with most earplugs. The design definitely offers a comfortable, ergonomic fit. On the inside of this region is an L or R with a circle so you can easily tell which ear each earphone belongs to.

On the outer part of the top of each earphone is a silicone case, which provides additional support when handling the earphones. In the middle of the outer edge is a small microphone slot, the first of two on each earphone.

The PaMu Slide TWS earphones.

The stick part has a small LED upwards. Just above that is the invisible touch sensor on each earphone, more in a minute. As far as branding is concerned, the PaMu logo is printed from below. It is barely visible as it is printed black in our green test device. At the base of the stick is the second front of two microphones on each earphone. Finally, there is a pair of metal plates on the inside of the stick that will be used for recharging when they are stored in the supplied carry case / cargo bag.

Speaking of case, it’s about 3 inches by 3 inches by 1 1/2 inches deep. The top cover is narrow and finished with a fabric finish. The PaMu logo is printed on the top. Only visible when the earphones are placed in the case for the first time. A row of four LEDs illuminate near the bottom of the lid to indicate the remaining battery charge in the case.

On the back of the case is the USB charging port Type C. There are two versions of the PaMu Slide – one with a wireless charging case and one without. Our review sample came with the wireless charging case. There is another button next to the USB-C port. Pressing twice activates the wireless charging feature, which allows you to turn the case over and charge your smartphone wirelessly from its case. Unfortunately, this does not allow you to charge the case wirelessly.

Sliding the case exposes two earbuds. Each is labeled L or R. Oddly enough, the R is on the left and the L on the right. In any case, there are a few pens in these bins that are aligned with the metal plates on each earphone for loading. In addition, the earphones are held magnetically in the respective receptacle so that they do not fall out when the envelope is turned over with the lid open.

The LEDs on the charging case indicate the remaining battery life.
While our review sample was delivered in green, the PaMu Slide earphones are also available in white or black. Overall, the PaMu Slide has a nice solid construction and is super comfortable to hear for the whole day. Although they are made of plastic, they feel quite sturdy and there is no bending when you try to bend or twist them.

User friendliness

Like most Bluetooth devices, the PaMu Slide TWS earphones are easy to pair with your smartphone. Just take them out of the case and they automatically switch to pairing mode. Select PaMu Slide on your smartphone when it appears in your Bluetooth device list and you’re ready to go.

The PaMu Slide also has touch countrols on each earphone. Pressing a button plays or pauses the current track. Touching the right earphone twice jumps to the next track, while touching the left track twice will bring up the digital assistant.

Answering calls can be made from both earphones. A single keystroke answers the call. If you want to reject it, you can touch both earphones twice. Finally, you can also control the volume, although it is a bit difficult at first to get used to it. Once you get used to it, the volume will decrease if you hold down the touch area on the left side while holding down the touch area on the right side.

Overall, the PaMu Slide are really easy to use.

Sound Quality

As mentioned in my preamble, one of the main problems with true wireless earphones is that the sound is a hit and a miss. Fortunately, the PaMu Slide has made the money in terms of sound quality. Loud and crisp, they’re also pretty well balanced between lows, mids and heights. Not only that, but they actually have a decent amount of nice warm bass, something I tend to do.

The inside of the PaMu Slide TWS Earbud.
Whether I’ve listened to classical hip-hop, rock, EDM or any other kind of music, I just have no complaints. Not only was the sound great with very acceptable basses, but I also realized that I could not hear much of the outside world while wearing it.

Although obviously intended for music, I used it when I was notified that Call of Duty: Mobile Early Access is available for download. After downloading it and starting the game, I quickly realized that the PaMu Slide are also suitable for mobile games.


Although these true wireless earphones use Bluetooth 5 technology, I did not reach the usual distance of 30 feet until they were cut off. Still, it’s decent enough and I’ve never really used wireless headsets without my phone at or near me to be further away.

Microphone / call quality

As is the case with most wireless earphones, I had to speak louder on a call. However, because of the two microphones on each earphone, I did not express myself as loud as others. In addition, the PaMu Slide has a dual microphone reduction to avoid the additional sounds that are really helpful in a call.

Battery life

Here’s the second potential problem some TWS earphones face today: battery life. The PaMu Slide has a battery life of up to 10 hours with a single charge, and 5 more charges via the charging compartment result in a battery life of up to 60 hours, without a mains plug must be connected.

I was skeptical about my previous experiences with TWS earphones, but PaMu came pretty close. On average, I can charge about 9 hours while listening to music at a volume of about 70-80%. The case also charged almost the entire five charges, but I also tested the wireless charging capabilities. The fifth time, the earphones were only 90% charged. This is useful if you throw one or the other wireless charging test into the mix.

These are definitely the most durable TWS earphones I personally tested, and they last without compromising sound quality, which is definitely a good thing.

Price / value

The PaMu Slide can be secured on Indiegogo for only $ 59. To be honest, this is a breeze. Although the campaign has a flexible target of $ 20,461, it is massively over-funded by over $ 3,000,000 from over 43,000 supporters.

Just because of the sound quality and the battery life these real wireless earphones are worth the current price. The earphones are already delivered, so you will not have to wait long to receive them once you have them back.

Wrap up

The price is right, they sound fantastic with enough bass to make me happy, they are easy to use and have a great battery life. For another $ 10 you can throw the wireless shop into the mix to enhance the functionality of the case.

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