Resin nail filling

Filling is a method that allows you to have your nails perfectly manicured after 3 weeks of application. To maintain your nails with quality care, opt for a resin filling embellished with a semi-permanent varnish. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will explain everything to you.

Nail preparation

Start the operation by dusting the nails of these impurities. Using a soft file, file on the free edge of the nail to correct small imperfections and the demarcation caused by regrowth. As in a normal pose, apply the primer to the natural nail.

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Resin application

Apply the resin to the nail in a very thin layer on all the nails 2mm from the cuticles. Then shape your nail as a full pose then cure under LED fixture. Shape with the help of a file and the sander on the top and sides of the nails for a clean extension.

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