5 tips for making your own semi-permanent manicure

Are you tired of nail polish that peels off after 2 days? Why not switch to semi-permanent manicure? In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas.

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Getting a semi-permanent manicure yourself is possible and easy! All you need is the right equipment and the right technique. For a semi-permanent manicure that lasts over time, there are a few rules to follow beforehand. The more precise you are, the longer your manicure will last.

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Prepare your equipment

Here is a small list of useful things to be able to make your semi-permanent at home:

  • A manicure kit (cuticle pusher, nail file, polisher)
  • The semi-permanent varnish of your choice
  • A base
  • A topcoat
  • A cleaner and a primer

Choose a practical semi-permanent machine

To perform your home manicure, the ideal is to have a UV/LED machine. This type of semi-permanent machine catalyzes semi-permanent varnish but also UV gels. It is therefore very practical and will allow you to use different kinds of techniques because it combines UV and LED light.

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Prepare your nails

  • File your nails carefully to give them the desired shape.
  • In order to optimize the application of your varnish and to extend its duration over time, soak your nails in hot water.
  • Push back the cuticles.
  • Polish your nails.

Let’s go for the pose!

  • Apply a primer to degrease the nail. This will dehydrate the nail and allow the varnish to adhere better.
  • Place the base on your nails to ensure long-lasting hold, then run your hand under the UV/LED lamp for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Apply the semi-permanent varnish in a thin layer and place your hand under the device.
  • Finish by depositing top coat on your nails to give a shiny effect, improve the hold of the varnish and catalyze again.

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