How to have long nails: 3 ways to do it

Are you tired of biting your nails or they are too short and you can’t grow them despite your care with lemon juice, vegetable oil or olive oil? Don’t panic, your nail supply expert Maryton will give you 3 ways to have long nails.

The pre-decorated capsules to stick on

We headed straight for these little already colored plastics that just have to be adhered with a dot of glue. When I’m fed up or the regrowth is visible, I make acetone foil wraps that I apply on it and everything melts in a few minutes.

Economical and fast acrylic resin

Its main advantage is that it is really inexpensive, the drying is done in the air. Sheathing can be made to reinforce fragile or brittle bases. For removal by a total melting with acetone solvent is possible which allows to preserve the keratin of your plaque.

The most common UV gels

It is currently the most widespread, no smell and we can quickly evolve. You apply layers on top of each other respecting different thicknesses and with a passage of two minutes under a 36 Watt UV lamp for each phase.

Be careful, however, it is also the method that weakens the most because it can’t be dissolved and the removal is done by filing which risks being fatal and jeopardizing your plaque.

OK! I believe you have know how to have long nails. In addition, I advise you to invest in a complete professional manicure kit to care for your nails!

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