Manicure for Short Nails: Guide to Chic Trends of the Season

Short nails are making a resounding comeback in the world of beauty. Practical and elegant, they offer a chic alternative to long and sometimes impractical nails. For those who prefer a sophisticated look without the hassle of extensions, short nails are the ideal solution.

Adopt Pure Chic

Unlike the trend for extravagant nails, the fashion is now for simplicity. Style icons like Sofia Richie, with her short nails painted in nude polish from her spectacular French Riviera wedding, are redefining modern elegance.

How to Enhance Your Short Nails

The appearance of your hands reflects your self-care. Well-filed, hydrated and maintained nails are especially important. Whether you opt for a square or oval shape, a portable electric nail drill is essential. Choose a shape that naturally matches the contours of your hands to enhance your short nails.

Chargeable Brushless 35000 RPM Motor Portable Design Electric Nail Drill
Chargeable Brushless 35000 RPM Motor Portable Design Electric Nail Drill

Color Trends for 2024

The shades to favor are varied, from the softness of pastels to the bursts of bright colors. For impeccable application on short nails:

  • Start with a protective base. This will preserve the integrity of your nails.
  • Apply with precision. Use the brush to spread the varnish evenly, avoiding spillage.
  • Double coat for added shine. A second coat followed by a topcoat will guarantee shine and durability.

Ideal Color Choice for Short Nails

Experiment according to your personal taste. Vibrant shades like red or orange are perfect for a bold pop, while neutrals can blend subtly with your skin tone.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets
Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets 

Five Nail Polish Ideas to Try

  • Rainbow effect: Vary the shades from finger to finger for a dynamic look.
  • Pastel lines on a natural base: A minimalist but colorful style.
  • Opal effect: Use a gelcoat for a shiny, textured finish.
  • Pop shades: Dare to use bright colors to break away from the classic red.
  • Natural shine: Opt for translucent varnishes enhanced by a vibrant topcoat.

Short nails are not only practical but they have become a real field of artistic expression. Go ahead and invest in some manicure supplies, unleash your creativity and adapt these trends to reflect your personal style.

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