Nail polish colors to adopt according to the seasons

To dress our nails, the choice is multiple in terms of color and all are allowed according to our tastes and desires. On the other hand, certain colors are more suited to the seasons. Do you know how to match it? Keep reading, the nail expert Maryton will explain everything to you!


We put away neutral and cold colors and adopt bright, sunny or even pastel colors!

Purple: like an air of spring with a pretty lilac color which immediately refers to the floral world that we see appearing again this season.

Peach: it is an ideal shade for people who do not want to wear too flashy colors while still dressing their nails in an original color.

Pink: obviously the color pink which reminds us of flowers and spring. There are a lot of shades of pink, from powder pink to fuchsia pink and pearl pink.


The summer season is often synonymous with heat, vacations, light outfits and bright colors both in terms of clothing and manicures/pedicures.

White: more trendy than ever, a must-have every summer. In summer, it helps bring out your tanned complexion. It matches all our outfits of the season. It’s definitely the ideal color!

Beige: a nude color that adapts to all seasons but which, in summer, is a sensation!


Make way for warm, deep colors for an intense manicure!

Black: ideal for this fairly dark season with light that goes with everything, it’s clearly a must!

Burgundy: charming, dynamic and conquering, the burgundy color always causes a sensation!

Blue: we opt for a navy blue, intense, vibrant and elegant for a very classy look!


Winter is traditionally a season when nail polish darkens!

Green: bold and elegant color, it is the color for the arrival of winter. There are a multitude of shades of green but for winter we opt for green: duck, olive, khaki.

Red: a classic, a must-have for a glamorous manicure that lasts all seasons, but is more than perfect for winter. Ideal to wear for Christmas and end-of-year celebrations!

Hoping that this article has pleased you and will give you ideas! In addition, I recommend investing in some manicure sets to prepare your nails.

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