Manicure: the perfect trick to make up for chipped varnish

To quickly and easily catch up on peeling varnish, this article reveals the best trick, quick and practical. Just 5 small steps and you’re done. Take your manicure supplies and follow the leader.

What to do to catch up quickly?

Nail polish can chip in just a few days, especially if you don’t apply a base or top coat. There are several tricks to save your varnish: the first, remove everything with solvent with cotton pads and varnish the surface again to obtain the perfect manicure. Second, correct only the damaged area by applying varnish. But now, one takes time because you have to start all over again from 0 and the other leaves a raised area for a rather rough rendering.

There is a third perfect, super quick trick for repairing damaged nail polish that doesn’t had time to dry. First of all, gently polishing the area with a nail file until you obtain a totally smooth and clean surface.

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Buff the area and apply several coats of polish

Next, removing dust and residue with a brush to clean up. Then, applying a coat of varnish to the polished area and lets it dry. To finish, putting a second coat of varnish but this time on the whole of the nail for a homogeneous result and without relief. Once dry, we finish with a top coat, again on the entire surface of the nail. This allows the varnish to hold and shine.

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