Do gel nails damage your nails?

Applying gel false nails can be particularly effective: their long-lasting hold and neat appearance are absolutely safe for your natural nails. Follow us Maryton to discover the advantages of this nail technique, as well as gestures that really damage your nails.

Gel nails: a harmless manicure method for natural nails

The gel and the accessories used to apply your false nails do not affect the health of your natural nails. On the contrary, they will contribute to protecting them from external aggression. In addition, false gel nails can be a medium of choice for an original nail art. They will provide your nail technician with a solid base on which to affix decorations, stamps and other nail jewellery.

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Gel nails: what precautions to take?

While gel false nails allow you to maintain a neat manicure for 3-4 weeks, they do require regular refills. In addition, you also need to adopt the right gestures on a daily basis. Remember to protect your hands when handling household products, while avoiding contact with metallic or rough surfaces. Finally, don’t forget to wash your hands as regularly as possible to limit the risk of infection as much as possible.

Nails: what are the gestures that really damage them?

Gel false nails don’t damage your natural nails. On the other hand, Certain gestures or bad habits can, on the other hand, make them more brittle or less resistant. By biting or tearing off pieces of nails with your mouth, you increase the risk of infection. This advice is particularly important if you wear false nails: do not tear them off, and be sure to follow the different steps of gel nail removal.

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OK! Now that you have known gel nails don’t damage your nails, bring your manicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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