I don’t want to bite my nails anymore!

Biting one’s nails is part of the pleasure activities close to orality such as nursing, eating, sucking, smoking. So you will bite your nails very often. It hurt, it’s very ugly and, yet, you can’t help it… Today we will help you try to end this dirty craze!

By doing the “control stimulus”, that is to say by associating a behavior with a trigger. Thus, for about a week, one observes one’s own behavior and carefully notes in a notebook the times when one bites one’s nails, the intensity of the impulse and its duration, in order to become aware of it. Then we prioritize the moments according to the difficulty of resisting. And, depending on the case, we try to find an alternative behavior to replace. Consume vitamins B5, B6 and B8 which strengthen the nails. It is found in whole grains, meat, poultry, fish, eggs…

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Treat yourself to a manicure

One of the best ways to stop biting your nails is to take care of them, to give them time to “recover their health”. The good idea: make an appointment for a manicure. We come out of it with pretty hands and we maintain them by applying, every day, an anti-cuticle treatment on the skin around the nails, as well as a varnish.

Obviously, this is only an example and there are a multitude of ways to obtain an amazing result! Ready to launch? Before you start, suggest you go to our Maryton website, which has a lot of manicure supplies. Moreover, we’re full of inspiration with the most beautiful nail art!

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