Organic varnish: trendy or useful?

First for hygiene products, then make-up and then cosmetics for the nails, organic varnish has been on the rise for several years. Are nail polishes dangerous? Which nail polish to choose pregnant?

Why choose an organic varnish?

After an exponential growth in the sale of organic make-up, the time has come for organic nail polish. More and more people care about the environment, animal welfare, but above all about their health. It is not without reason that nail technicians, especially those who work in salons, are advised to wear a mask and gloves to practice their profession. In the long term, the toxicity of products has a real impact on their health. They may develop skin problems or other conditions related to allergenic substances.

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What pregnant varnish?

Pregnant women pay attention to their diet, avoid consuming alcohol or taking medication. Many compounds are potentially toxic to the developing fetus. Regarding nail polishes, these include, among others, toluene, phthalates or even camphor. Nevertheless, you still need to be reassured, because it is permanent or long-term exposure that can impact people’s health. In addition, these compounds are found in other products, such as for hygiene, household or laundry.

This is why it is advisable to choose organic nail polishes during pregnancy, for a green manicure. Be careful though, it is best not to wear nail polish or false nails for childbirth, just like for a surgical operation.

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