What are the possible causes of ridged nails?

The causes of ridged nails are very varied: old age, trauma, deficiencies, unsuitable nail care… In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you a summary of the main causes of ridged nails. 

The stress

If you have ridged nails, it may be because your lifestyle causes intense stress. Stress, like fatigue, damages the nails, which can cause deep horizontal streaks to appear.

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A trauma

Trauma, whether physical or emotional, can cause ridged nails. For example, if you polish your nails too often or you have suffered micro-impacts on the nail, it can cause grooves.


Ridged nails can be caused by deficiencies, especially when the ridges are horizontal. The defects that may cause fingernails and nail ridges are: iron, zinc, protein, magnesium, and vitamin D.

Too frequent contact with water

If your nails are in frequent contact with water or detergents, then it is possible that they show streaks.

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Nail biting

Indeed, biting your nails repeatedly will modify the growth and shape of the nails and weaken them, which is at the origin of the ridges.

A sickness

More rarely, a disease such as lichen planus or arthritis can cause ridges on the nails. The streaks are then longitudinal and more or less deep.

aging nails

One of the most common factors of ridged nails in the elderly is aging nails. In this case, the streaks will intensify with age.

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