Nail polish: adopt the trends of this summer

With the arrival of the summer, it’s time to enjoy the joy of summer nail polish! Soft or blue tones worked in nail art, and the professional manicure supplies, I believe you will achieve a stunning manicure. Keep reading!

Graphic effect manicure

Cover the nails with a base, then two coats of beige nail polish. While it dries, cut out pieces of masking tape. Position them on the nail, then apply a layer of blue polish between strips of tape. Don’t wait for the varnish to dry. If it has overflowed a little, rectify with a nail-art brush. Once both hands are finished, apply a layer of top-coat, which protects the varnish and restores a homogeneous surface to the nail.

Disposable Individually Packed Nail Manicure Sets

color block manicure

Work on well-filed nails with a perfectly even surface. Apply a smoothing base, then apply two coats of color. If you use pastel shades, you can push up to three layers. If you use neon varnishes, apply a thin layer of white varnish before the color, to make it more intense. Always finish with a layer of top coat.

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