Tips to make your varnish last

You have a considerable number of nail polishes, but do you know how to store these nail polish? Here are tips for making your nail polish last: just follow us!

First of all, avoid heat and light at all costs. Clean the edge of the vial to remove residue. Then, it is imperative to close the cap of the bottle of your nail polish. Store it in a place protected from light and as free as possible from humidity. However, I read that keeping it in the fridge would be a must. Indeed, because the cold keeps the varnish fluid and flexible.

Grandmother’s remedy, just before using it, is the solvent which remains effective in liquefying her varnish when it has become “pasty”. Provided you pour only a small drop or two into the bottle, shake the bottle well, so that the product is homogeneous.

If you don’t use your polishes often, consider shaking them. Indeed, over time, the color pigments become detached from the other components. Shaking them and even swirling them around in your hands is what I do with my bottles. You can now, worry-free, own a plethora of nail polishes!

OK! Now that you have known how to make your varnish last. However, to have the perfect nails, you also need a few manicure supplies. Have a small visit is essential on our store.

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