How to store nail prosthetic equipment and products?

Do you know the expression “a place for everything and everything in its place”? Now is the time to apply it to properly preserve your manicure equipment. Here are some tips and practical advice for properly storing your nail prosthesis products.

Why is it important to store manicure products properly?

Properly storing your nail products helps to avoid altering their quality. The second reason why storage of manicure products must be adapted is hygiene. Professional nail art equipment should be stored away from dust and moisture. Finally, properly storing the products and the small equipment for doing the nails allows you to work efficiently and in an organized way.

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How to properly store manicure materials, gels and varnishes?

Properly store manicure supplies

  • From a closed box: for stainless steel utensils, such as cuticle pushers, metal file bases, cuticle cutters, tweezers, etc. ;
  • A second box for the cutters if you use an electric sander to do the nails;
  • A third resealable box for more fragile materials, such as nail files or even wooden sticks;
  • A quiver to store brushes.
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Store gel and polishes

Initially, the jars and bottles must remain upright and upright to prevent the product from leaking. On the other hand, gel, classic or semi-permanent nail polish, just like acrygel or resin, are photosensitive substances. It is therefore essential to keep them away from light in a dark place. In terms of temperatures, it is best to keep them in a place where the temperatures are between 5 and 25℃.

Keeping your equipment and products for doing nails well allows you to achieve great results. Also remember that the quality of the manicure supplies you get at the start is essential; for this, choose the best supplier, Maryton nail supply.

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