How to perform nail art stamping?

If you are interested in the nail art stamping technique, here are some tips that will help you achieve a top-notch manicure.

Start first by choosing the pattern you want to do on your nails. You can of course decide to opt for different patterns on each finger, the same pattern, several patterns per nail… The advantage of this technique is that you are totally in control of your nail art. Then choose a varnish that dries quickly for a cleaner and more effective result!

Then do your usual manicure with the varnish color of your choice. You will also need to choose the color of your patterns (you can choose different colors if you wish). Then apply the chosen color to the pattern in question, in a thin layer. Then scrape the plate with a scraper to remove the excess varnish.

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Then take the stamp and stamp the shape you have chosen. This should normally appear on your stamp. Then you just have to repeat the operation directly on your nail so that the shape can be stamped.

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