The steps for applying semi-permanent varnish

Before applying varnish, we start by making sure that the nails are ready to receive their manicure. This involves cleaning the nails then smoothing them and removing the cuticles and matting the natural nail using a nail file.

Once the nails are ready, a first coat of varnish is applied. This is the base for nails, allowing them to be protected and making your varnish last as long as possible. The nails are placed under an LED lamp or a UV lamp for 30 seconds to be dried.

Then, a first layer of semi-permanent varnish is applied and then dried for 30 seconds before a second layer is added. This second layer is also dried for 30 seconds.

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Finally, the fourth layer is applied. This is the top coat, which protects your varnish and prevents it from flaking quickly. After a final drying of the nails, it is ended. The installation of your semi-permanent varnish is now complete and will last approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

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